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Getting Back Up

So, overall things having been going very well since the nest was emptied. There have been bumps in the road that resulted in a stumble here or there, but overall as a group this family has kept moving forward and on its feet. This week however, I took a little fall and have had to figure out how to get back up.

I am one of those people who feels pretty strongly. When people around me are having a rough time I feel it and if those people happen to be people I love, look out, the emotions are going to be flowing as if it were smack in the middle of it. And if I can’t help or fix it, I can get down pretty quick. As a mom, wife, teacher and friend this has always been a struggle for me. I know people have to fight their own battles and learn from their experiences, but Lord, that is hard! This week was one of those weeks where it felt like everyone I know and love was struggling with something and by the end of the week I was emotional drained. I felt like I couldn’t do anything to help.

This morning ,when I was walking the dog, a book from my classroom days popped into my head, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. I used to read this book every year at the beginning of the year to my class. It is about how we all have invisible buckets and when our bucket is full we are happy and hopeful, and when it is empty we are sad and lonely. Buckets are being filled and emptied all around us all day and every day.

I pulled the book from my library and read it to myself. I decided that although I couldn’t fix any of the struggles that friends and family were facing I could try to stay positive. I looked around my office/daughter’s room and smiled at the happy little beeĀ bearing gifts sitting on my desk and decided to create my own “bucket” for my friends and family. I took a minute to write a prayer or wish for everyone that I am feeling for right now. I placed them in my bucket and sent love, positive energy and prayers. And guess what…I felt a little better. So moving forward I am going to keep filling my bucket with prayers, wishes and gratitude for the people in my life. And maybe, that little bit of positive energy will find its way to them and help them through whatever they are facing.