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Empty Nest- Week 5

So this was a pretty great week! I spent most of the week working on household projects. I am working my way through the house one room at a time purging and re-purposing. That is nice and all, but this weekend I did something I consider very “empty nester”. Over the past few weeks I have come to think that this empty house can either be a curse or a reward. A curse if I choose to wish for the days that have passed;  a reward if I focus on how lucky I am to have two wonderful children that made it through school and into college, and now have the time to investigate my interests. Yesterday. . . I reaped a reward of raised children!

I have been learning/practicing yoga intermittently for the past 10 years. I really enjoy all kinds of yoga and feel it’s impact on my body and life when I commit to it regularly. Unfortunately so far I have not been able to sustain any kind of practice for more than a couple of months. I am hoping to change that! Yesterday a friend and I followed our interest and not our experience. As complete novices, we attended Wanderlust 108, a mind-full triathlon. It was amazing! It started off with a 5k followed by 90 minutes of yoga and then 25 minutes of meditation. The rest of the day was spent wandering through wellness tents and attending various workshops and activities. I have seen pictures of hundreds of people doing yoga or meditating together, but honestly didn’t really get the appeal. Totally get it now! There is something to being surrounded by so much positive energy and so many people just wanting to enjoy the same experience.  I am ecstatic that I took a chance and followed my interest, and so grateful I had friend willing to share the experience.

This was a great start to focusing on the rewards of the empty nest! Next week is going to be incredible:)