Most people who love books will say they feel in love with books and reading as a child. That was not the case with me. My first love was children’s books, just much later in life. I was a slow, labored reader in elementary school and that quickly made books and anything to do with them embarrassing and a struggle. It wasn’t until I was working towards my teaching certification in my late twenties that I feel in love with reading. As a new teacher most of my reading centered around books for my students and later my own children. As I started to dive into children’s literature for my classroom I became captivated by all facets of children’s literature. I began to collect books old and new in my twenties. Now some twenty-five years later I have assembled a library of hundreds of books across all genres for young and old.

Over the years I have purchased books and bee given numerous books as gifts, and I have no record of what I have. In the spirit of Marie Kondo I have a project. No I am not getting rid of any books! But I am going to challenge myself to come up with an organizational system to not only keep track of my books, but to log information about each read.

My plan is to post photos of each book as I go through them along with any important records I would like to keep about each.

Just one of my many library shelves.