Hello and welcome! I am the Laura Lee in Simply Laura Lee!

I have decided to embark on this quest for better health and wellness after a rough couple of years health wise. As well as a desire to feel great for my chapter 3. What is chapter 3? Well, for me, chapter 1 was my life growing up and settling in. Chapter 2 has been the wonderful years of building a family and watching our beautiful son and daughter grow up. My chapter 3 is yet to be written and will begin when our children head off to college and my husband I create a new normal. As much as I will miss my children and the day-to-day life I have enjoyed with them, I am excited about the possibilities of what might come next. . . and I want to be ready for anything!

A few years ago I was hit with severe pain in my low back and hip. I thought it was the result of a craft project I had taken on for my daughter’s rowing team and didn’t think much of it. When a rash appeared running from the base of my spine, down my left leg and ending on the bottom of my foot I figured a trip to the doctor was in order. When the doctor informed me that I had shingles I was in disbelief. I told her I was only 45, “old people get shingles and I am not old”! Unfortunately, the shingles didn’t care that I wasn’t old and it hit me hard. Apparently shingles knows when your system is taxed even when you don’t. The virus affected my balance and left me with permanent nerve damage. Over the past couple of years I have had periods of pain, numbness, rashes, migraines, fatigue, and illness. It is a laundry list of ailments that I had never dealt with before. After seeing multiple doctors with conflicting opinions, I was left with the feeling that there had to be better solution. I wanted to change my health, not fill my medicine cabinet with prescriptions.

As a lover of books I hit my local Barnes and Noble. I bought, read and tried out several programs. I found some success, but often felt overwhelmed and unable to maintain the programs on my own.

My kitchen reference shelf!

After thinking about when I felt the best and any common links in all that I had read, I decided that for me Yoga would be place to start. So this blog will be my journey to better health and wellness through yoga, ayurveda and meditation. 

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