About Me

Hello and welcome to Simply Laura Lee! I am Laura Lee. I am a southern girl living in New Jersey with my husband, our dog Bama and our two kids when they are home from college. The last few years have been full of nervous anticipation for this phase of my life. What would I do once both our kids were gone? Would I return to the classroom? Would I look for a new career? Would I become one of those ladies who lunch? Well, now that the dust has settled, the tears have passed (mine) and both kids are settled into college life, I can energetically say, “None of the above!” I have spent most of my life in and out of classrooms, as a student, teacher, parent and advocate. As much as I loved all those experiences and taking care of others, I think it is time for a change.

I have a new vision for this phase of my life. A time to pursue anything and everything that interests me. Get to know what makes me tick and lights me up. I have had a great life so far, but my focus has been around lighting others up. Right now books and blooms light me up. I love reading, shopping for and talking about all kinds of books. I also am obsessed with english gardens and working to make my backyard my own secret garden. I anticipate the bulk of this blog will probably center on books and blooms, but I am sure other things like travel, creative arts and wellness will pop in from time to time.

This is an experiment in being a little more carefree and open to all that this phase of life has to offer.