First Step

I saw this amazing piece of work a few weeks ago while out walking with a friend. I absolutely LOVE it! First thing, it sits on the campus of a school in our town so I am assuming it was made by students, so yeah! Next, the children’s lit reference with the cat from Alice and Wonderland makes me smile. And finally, the message is universal. When I saw it I stopped in my tracks and had to take a picture of it.

I feel like taking the first step never ends. I had always thought by the time I was 49 I would have everything figured out and in place, but not so much. Throughout life we need to continue to adjust and take on new roles and dreams. We take first steps so that we can grow and move forward all our lives. Now more than ever I am finding this to be true. Now that my kids have left the nest my daily focus is turned inward and I am taking steps to improve my health and work towards my long time dream of writing. Trying a new class, seeing a new doctor,  and sharing my work are all things that make my palms sweat, but I am doing them for myself. And in the last few weeks I have done them all!

I now have this picture hanging on my vision board. Every day I look at it and say to myself, “Take a step today and celebrate your journey!”  I hope you are taking new steps and celebrating your journey as well! Wishing you a fun filled Friday and fantastic weekend full of new adventures!