Week 6 & Week 7

So, I am a little late. Since I have been a little busy the last couple weeks and I think I am the only person reading these posts, I gave myself permission to let it slide a bit. I have been trying to post ever Sunday, but week 6 Sunday I was away. I got an opportunity to head to Nashville to visit my parents so I took it. And best of all both my darling children drove up and over! So I got to hug both of them! There is something so incredible about actually laying your eyes and hugging your children that only becomes apparent when then have moved away. It is unbelievably great! Believe me. Seeing my family and getting away has nothing on actually wrapping my arms around my babies. Of course the pictures of my trip are of an amazing independent bookstore and sights around Nashville, not of my babies (they do not like to be photographed). None the less, I couldn’t be happier. Nashville is where I call home and where I met my darling husband. Lots of great memories. I a a grateful Mama to get to spend some time withmy babies!

Week 7 I really have no excuse but catching up from being away. On a positive note, I have finally taken a step to really move towards a dream/fantasy. Outside of my family two of my greatest loves are kids and books. This week I started an online children’s lit. writing course. I am soooo excited! I am the only one in the class that has never actually written anything, but I am not going to let that discourage me. I am so ready for this. I don’t even care if I write anything, I just want to be part of it. I am following a dream no matter what the outcome. This is one of those rewards of the empty nest.

Life goes on, look for the good, it is there<3


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