Empty Nest-Week 3

So this week has been a week of quotes:

  • Super Soul Sunday podcast-“We want life to be a train ride. We choose a destination and have a few stops along the way, but ultimately end up where we choose. But, life is more like a sailboat ride.” (I feel like this was directed right at me! The sooner I accept that the sooner I can sit back and enjoy the ride, the better the ride will be!)
  • Yoga teacher” Don’t fear change. Things only last as long as they should, or need to.” (Take the good and the bad, learn from it, and remember that nothing lasts forever. Enjoy the good, grow from the difficult and be grateful for everything in your life.)
  • Friend-“…this empty nest thing doesn’t have to be a bad thing…” ( After 20 years of being devoted to my children, it might be fun to go with the flow)

There is wisdom all around me. I just need to be open to it.

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