Empty Nest- Week 1, Crossing the Bridge

One week ago today my husband and I were making the cross-country trip home without our kids. Having deposited one in Tennessee and one in Alabama we were officially empty nesters. We had made this massive drive the year before when dropping off our oldest, but it felt different. Last year there were a lot of tears. If I am being honest, I think it was more about the end of something rather than a beginning. It was like our family was being downsized and my role was being phased out. This year there is still some sadness, but there is also hopefulness and excitement. I am excited for both of our kids and the year that is before them, I am also excited for my husband and I as a couple, and for me.

For the first time in 2 decades my daily life will not revolve around my children. Oh I am sure there are a fair number of people out there that would say it never should have revolved around them, but that is not the point. I am not here to debate if my parenting style was on point or not. I am here now to embrace this change with excitement and childish possibility.

I have known this was coming and really have spent time thinking about what I would do once it came; should I head back to the classroom, should I start a business, should I become a lady who lunches. Well the reality is that I have spent many hours pondering and pontificating about this transition, but nothing has really stuck. Case in point, I have had this blog for over a year and although there have been many content changes, it has remained mostly quiet. If you have ever seen the Reese Witherspoon movie, Home Again, there is a scene that sums up my last few years. Reese’s  character is discouraged and talking about all the hobbies she has tried to parlay into a career unsuccessfully.  The reality is that you can’t force it and I have spent way to much time trying to make it happen. So there is a new plan, no plan.

I am an empty nester. It is crazy what a mixed bag of emotions those words bring bubbling to the surface, as well as a surplus of opinions from people on how to manage it correctly. I will mind my own business and kindly ask that others do the same. Only positivity please.

From here on out, I have no plan. I am going to explore my interests, date my husband and take advantage of all that my life has to offer. As I focus on my blessings and gifts hopefully somewhere along the way a spark will ignite and I will find a new job/passion, if not, oh well, I will have had some fun and learned a few things.

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