Make A Plan Monday

Make A Plan Monday was a great success for me last week. I actually marked all but one thing off my master list and I got everything done that was on my starred list! That is a first for this girl. Seriously, I love a cool planner, but they usually don’t do much good. I write stuff down and then that is about the end of it. I was a bit skeptical about if making a list and putting it out there would really make a difference for me. As a former elementary teacher I am staunchly in the one size does not fit all camp. But, when you find something that works for one it can often be tweaked to help others. So that is what I did. I tweaked suggestiions from my many self improvement and organiztion books, and I think it might just be the trick for me. Last week I found myself “on task” much more than usual. I felt a little cheer inside every time I crossed something off. Now let’s see if I can keep it going!

We had a little trouble with alarms this morning, as in no one got up for one! So the day has gotten off to a chaotic start. This normally would be where it all falls apart for me. I would just tell myself I don’t have time and I will do it later and never get around to it. But today I decided this needs to be a ritual for me, something I look forward to and therefore I make the time for. So I have decided Monday’s will consist of a cup of tea in my favorite mug, a review of Brene Brown’s Guideposts for Whole Hearted Living, and a few moments get a handle on the week. Crazy chaotic or not.

Obsessed with Flying Bird Botanicals tea!

I have my yummy tea, I reviewed the Guideposts and I have made my mega to do list. So this week I chose 4 projects/goals to put out into the universe.

  1. Calm- Read at least 50 pages
  2. Self- Make it to at least 1 yoga and 1 pilates reformer class
  3. Create- Blog at least 2 times this week
  4. Play, laugh and dance– Dance and have fun in the kitchen this week while I am working on my baking projects

On a side note, something came to mind while I was writing today. As much as I miss the days of running around with and after Hugh and Bella, sometimes so much that it makes me tear up. There was little to no time for rituals and quiet moments during that period of my life. When everyone overslept it was a mad dash to catch up all day. I am so grateful for all those mad dash days with my kids, but I am finding that I am also grateful for these days that I am now settling into. I can take a moment to make a cup of tea, read a book and think about what I would like to do next. I guess it is all about embracing where you are today.

Have a great day! I hope you have a moment for you!

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