Thinking about wellness…

It seems to me that the word wellness has become a movement. As I am approaching another birthday and getting increasingly closer to that mid-century marker, I find this word “wellness” to be a much more frequent word in my vocabulary. So I was thinking, “What exactly is wellness and what does it mean to me?”

I thought back to my childhood self. I guess for that kid on her bike riding to the 7 Eleven to get a pack of Hubba Bubba it just meant, “Am I sick or not?” I never thought about if my Grandma’s fried chicken and okra was good for me. It was just good. As a young woman heading down fraternity row or out on the town I started to add fitness into the sick or not equation. Unfortunately, in the 80’s fitness was all about Jane Fonda and how tight you could get your Guess jeans. Neither of which I would have scored too highly in, but I did try. In my 30’s as a young wife, mother and teacher, wellness wasn’t even on my radar. It was definitely about survival and juggling. I guess it was in my 40’s that “wellness” became something I really started to think about. At first, if I am being honest it was really the same as that 20 something girl, but as my 40’s have crept along it has changed significantly. Sure being sick and fit are still a component, but it is really about so much more. Now it is really about how I FEEL. My state of WELLNESS has as much to do with how I am feeling mentally and emotionally as I do physically. I have really bought into the mind, body, spirit mentality. I am not sure if that is just a natural progression that happens with age or a reflection of the wellness culture that is growing around me.

I am realizing that my Simply Laura Lee blog is my wellness project. When I purchased the domain I was going to dive head first into the world of Ayurveda and change my life and the world;0) That didn’t stick. I think it was too singularly focused and way too rigid. Next, it was a place for me to deal with the drastic changes my life was taking and figure out what I should do now that being a mom doesn’t take up my days. Then I was going to become the next great baker. Today, I realize that this blog has all and nothing to do with these things. It is about cultivating a life of wellness with or without a plan. Simply Laura Lee is my place to be creative, feed my interests and share my life.

What does “Wellness” mean to you?

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