Make A Plan Monday!

Hello and welcome to Make A Plan Monday! So, I have determined I have a bit of a problem with distraction. I have lots of ideas and plans, things I really want to accomplish that never quite seem to get completed. I make lists, but somewhere along the way I lose the list, the drive, or both. So I have come up with Make A Plan Monday as a possible solution to my terminal distractedness. The plan is to sit down every Monday and put all the things I would like to accomplish in my weekly planner. I mean everything, down to cleaning the toilets and mopping the floors. Then I am going to pick 3 to 5 tasks/projects off my list to share. Don’t worry, I will spare you the housekeeping crap. But I am thinking if I put it out THERE that I am working on these projects I might have a little more focus and a little more accountability.

So here goes! I have made my list in the planner. I have decided to star 5 projects from my list and share them here. All are things that I enjoy and bring quality to my life, but often get put off or rushed through. I am not making them goals, but things I AM going to do. Trying a little power of suggestion.

This weeks projects:

  1. Books– I am going to read at least 50 pages this week. I wasn’t sure what a reasonable goal would be. I have a tendency to set goals way to high and then give up when I fall short so I went for a number that sounds easily doable to start with. I love to read and it always seems to be the first thing that gets cut. I want to make sure I get this in.
  2. Blog– I will blog a minimum of 3 times this week. Doesn’t matter what it is about, Just Do It!
  3. Wellness– Get to at least one Yoga and one Pilates class this week.
  4. Create– Create a gift for a friend.
  5. Play– Play with fall cake ball ideas.

So that’s my list for this week. I used take aways from two different books in making my list, The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown and The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. If you’re looking for a little light reading to add some inspiration into your daily life I recommend both.

Have a great week!

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