Looking Back On October

Hope everyone had an Outstanding October and a Happy Halloween! As I look back on the ups and downs of the past month, overall I am pretty pleased. I really started to embrace the “new normal” over the past month. I am starting to get used to having  one less human living here with us. Although it will always pull at my heart that I don’t talk to Hugh every day.  I am getting accustomed to him be so very far away and Bella being an independent senior and needing less of my time. I am embracing the extra time on my  hands to get a little crafty and creative. I have done a few projects around the house that I have been trying to get to for months (possibly years), but most of my time I have been playing around in the kitchen. I have been baking for friends, family and neighbors. Here are just a few images of my October fun.Image-1

I would have to say as much fun as I had working on my projects the two highlights of my month would have to be my college road trip with Bella and Hugh’s first visit home from college. Both went by entirely too fast and seemed to last no more than a minute. I am coming to terms with the fact that they are beginning to formulate their own lives and futures. I know that I will always be part of their lives, but over time my daily role will become less and less. It is important it is to cherish anytime that I have one on one with them, even if it is over in a blink. I miss those little pumpkin heads that followed me around and asked for my help and attention on a daily basis, but it is exciting to see the transformations taking place in each of them. I am trying to focus on the beauty of what is rather than what was.

As I begin to settle into November I have a few goals for myself. I am thinking that I am might do better if I share my goals here. I have recently learned from Gretchen Rubin that I am a textbook obliger. Actually explains a lot

  1. Blog regularly
  2. Devote more time in the library
  3. Spend more time on the mat
  4. Prioritize health and wellness
  5. Keep having fun in the kitchen

Let’s see how I do shall we.

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