Cooking Up Something Sweet

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! My daughter and I took our last college search road trip for this year. We had another one scheduled for later this month, but unfortunately will not be able to make that one. On a positive note, as of yesterday, all her applications are in and it is now time to cross our fingers, kiss our elbows and wait! In between all the traveling and computer time I hit the kitchen. Last week I made almost 300 cake pops! 2 things I learned; 1. I love making cake pops, 2. They take a long time to make! It started out that I wanted to experiment with making Halloween themed cake pops, but it quickly grew into a bigger project. I made pops for my daughters bake sale fundraiser, made some for a friend that I wanted to make smile, some for a custom basket for my mom’s birthday, a few for a friends daughter that had made a huge accomplishment at school, and of course some for my darling son oh so far away. When I was done I was really tired, but very pleased with my accomplishment. Here are a few pictures of my pops:

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