And so it begins . . .

The house is eerily quiet and I am alone with my coffee on this rainy morning. We dropped our son off for his freshman year of college two and half weeks ago, many, many miles away from home. Most days I am excited, anxious and happy for him, but I must admit there are days when I miss his presence tremendously and am sad. Today is one of those days. Today is the first day of school in our town and our daughter drove herself to school. For the first time she headed out to school without her brother by her side. And here I sit, tears rolling down my cheeks as I reminisce over the days of kindergarten picnics, little league and classroom volunteering wondering what do I do now.

And so it begins, the next chapter is here. So what shall I do? I meant to have a plan, but I don’t. So. . . I am going to dry my tears, finish my coffee and head off to my favorite yoga studio. I am not going to worry about the next chapter and just get through the day. Focus on how proud I am of my amazing children and how excited I am for them. I am going to spend time doing all things I love and haven’t really had the time for. And have faith my chapter three will fall into place.



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