Roll with it!

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you just have to roll with it. When I started this blog I had visions of really transforming my life through a health and wellness journey. This was going to define my “chapter 3” (life after the kids leave) Well, as usual, life happened. In the last few months I have traveled more than I have in the past 4 years. All the things that I had laid out in my head just haven’t happened, but something even more important has happened. I have had some amazing moments with my family and I have accepted that life is happening now. During all these travels I have continued to experiment with Ayurveda, yoga & meditation, and I have read every chance I could get. Though it has not been as I had planned, it has been good! I have learned things about myself and those around me, but most importantly I have come to accept that if I waste time lamenting over what I didn’t accomplish, I will miss out on all that I did. So… from this point on I have no plan! I will continue to work on improving my health, but I will not try to figure out what should come next in my life. Instead, I will take each day as it presents itself, live it and see where I end up. I will try to keep a journal here as it unfolds, but not sure what that means; once a day, a week a month. I guess time will tell;)