Finding My Way!

So I have been finding my way down this ayurveda path for two months. I am definitely learning a lot, seeing results and feeling better. This is clearly not a one and done formula though. Ayurveda requires you to pay attention to your body and environment, and then make adjustments as your body, environment and... Continue Reading →

Getting into Ayurveda

I spent most of January nursing my wounded thumb and not accomplishing much on this wellness journey.  I did manage to make it to the Ayurveda practitioner late in the month. I had tried meeting with a practitioner twice before with not so great results. Both times I left feeling confused and uninspired. That lead me to... Continue Reading →

Book Basket

I love to read! I read for fun and for information. I think taking time to read is the greatest gift I can give to myself, and quite frankly not something I do for myself enough. So, I have decided to make reading part of my journey. Once a week  I will post my Book... Continue Reading →

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