Thinking about wellness…

It seems to me that the word wellness has become a movement. As I am approaching another birthday and getting increasingly closer to that mid-century marker, I find this word "wellness" to be a much more frequent word in my vocabulary. So I was thinking, "What exactly is wellness and what does it mean to me?"... Continue Reading →

Make A Plan Monday!

Hello and welcome to Make A Plan Monday! So, I have determined I have a bit of a problem with distraction. I have lots of ideas and plans, things I really want to accomplish that never quite seem to get completed. I make lists, but somewhere along the way I lose the list, the drive,... Continue Reading →

Friday Follow UP

I spent most of this week working on a Sweet 16 Cake Pop Cake. I made it for a neighbor's daughter. We started out talking about a basket of pops, but I was thinking that a sweet 16 birthday was in need of something a little more special. I had never made a display before.I made... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday

It's Monday! Oh the excitement!LOL! Actually, I am only half way joking. There is something about Mondays that I do enjoy. It is that feeling of a fresh start. I can let go of what I didn't accomplish the week before and be full of hope and excitement for what I might accomplish in this... Continue Reading →

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